Portable Oral irrigator with DAF® System


• Double Aqua Flow system (DAF®) allows to use any available container or a container that comes with the irrigator.
• AQUAJET is required for taking care of orthodontic and orthopedic apparatuses such as crowns, implants, dentures and occlusion correction apparatuses.
• Small size, comfort and convenience in usage while travelling.
• The battery can be charged from any power source with a USB connector.
• Accessories are easy to store in a stock container.
• Container is easy to fill in any circumstances.
• It effectively cleans and massages gums and entire mouth cavity, washes food debris out of the interdentium and dentogingival pockets, and removes the dental deposit.
• It is recommended for use in case of inflammatory processes in the mouth cavity.
• Color of the model – gray.

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Water pressure

Normal mode 900 kPa, soft mode 500 kPa

Pressure adjustment

2 positions (average, strong)

Water Tank Volume

160 ml

Max. operating time

5 min.

Nozzles included

2 (LD-SA01)



350 g


54.5x50x220.5 mm

Power source

100-240V ~50/60Hz

Pump frequency

1500 imp./min.